Full analog.

Communication Readings are transmitted from the sensing device to the application on your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (bluetooth 4.0)
Method and Process Сonnect sobersmart to your iOS device using the free app. Sobersmart continuously transmits reading to the app. An algorithm detects important variations in reading and knows when the test is initiated. Just follow the instructions on screen. After each tests a cool down time is needed for the sensor to get back to normal conditions. Usually less than 30 seconds.

Measurement Units particules per million (ppm)
Dimensions and Weight Length: 2.7 in (71 mm)
Hight: 0.74 in (19 mm)
Weight: 1.2 oz (35 g)
Sensor Semiconductor sensor for Alcohol detection, It has good sensitivity and fast response to alcohol, suitable for portable alcohol detector.

Outside Diameter: 6 mm
Maximum Length: 5 mm
Outer case:   metal
Power consumption: 120mW
Output Analog Volt interface
Operating Range 4KΩ-400KΩ(in air)
T operating range 20°C ±2°C
65% ±5% RH
Sensing Resistance 4KΩ-400KΩ(in air)
Accuracy ± 2.5% after 1 minutes
Calibration Not needed, our algorithm is clever enough for the sensing device to be used out of the box, all computing is done on the smartphone.
Power Max power consumption: ≤50 mW
sobersmart is powered by a 200mAh rechargeable battery.
Materials Outer case: Plastic
Sensor: Metal
Known restrictions Following conditions must be avoided :
- Exposed to organic silicon steam : Organic silicon steam cause sensors invalid, sensors must be avoid exposing to silicon bond, fixature, silicon latex, putty or plastic contain silicon environment
- High Corrosive gas : If the sensors exposed to high concentration corrosive gas (such as H2Sz, SOX,Cl2,HCl etc), it will not only result in corrosion of sensors structure, also it cause sincere sensitivity attenuation.
- Alkali, Alkali metals salt, halogen pollution : The sensors performance will be changed badly if sensors be sprayed polluted by alkali metals salt especially brine, or be exposed to halogen such as fluorin.
- Touch water : Sensitivity of the sensors will be reduced when spattered or dipped in water.
- Freezing : Do avoid icing on sensor’surface, otherwise sensor would lose sensitivity.
- Applied voltage higher : Applied voltage on sensor should not be higher than stipulated value, otherwise it cause down-line or heater damaged, and bring on sensors’ sensitivity characteristic changed badly.
- Water Condensation :  Indoor conditions, slight water condensation will effect sensors performance lightly. However, if water condensation on sensors surface and keep a certain period, sensor’ sensitivity will be decreased.
- Used in high gas concentration : No matter the sensor is electrified or not, if long time placed in high gas concentration, if will affect sensors characteristic.
- Long time storage : The sensors resistance produce reversible drift if it’s stored for long time without electrify, this drift is related with storage conditions. Sensors should be stored in airproof without silicon gel bag with clean air. For the sensors with long time storage but no electrify, they need long aging time for stbility before using.
- Long time exposed to adverse environment : No matter the sensors electrified or not, if exposed to adverse environment for long time, such as high humidity, high temperature, or high pollution etc, it will effect the sensors performance badly.
- Vibration : Continual vibration will result in sensors down-lead response then repture. In transportation or assembling line, pneumatic screwdriver/ultrasonic welding machine can lead this vibration.
- Concussion : If sensors meet strong concussion, it may lead its lead wire disconnected.
System requirements This product is compatible with iOS and Android devices as long as it as BLE support.
You can download the free sobersmart application from the App Store and Google Play.

Apple® iPhone® 4, 4s, 5
Apple® iPod® Touch 3rd generation (and higher)

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